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AMD has a Light-Weight Profiling proposal -- which "is a CPU mechanism that could have broad benefit to software including, but not limited to, runtime environments such as Sun Microsystems' Java Virtual Machine and Microsoft's .NET Framework."

Wondering if anyone associated with perl is active in guiding the specifications?

Update: Intel is likely to have a similar initiative. It would be nice if people stopped talking positively about Java and Net and started talking about parrot. So I sent the following email to

Subject: Is LWP backward or forward looking? Hello, The trend for programming languages to become more like human languages is accelerating as evidenced by Web 3.0's Semantic Web and Perl 6's interpretor Parrot. At the same time, Java and Net mentioned in LWP's overview are mature languages which are likely to soon be on their downswing, if not already. Questions: 1) What, if any, are LWP's forward looking plans for Web 3.0 and Parrot? 2) Is the purpose of LWP to prolong the life of legacy languages or to anticipate and enable improved approaches to programming?