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I am trying to get a script to check to see if a folder exists and if it does not create it. Now I am sure this is basic for you guys but to me it is all new and hard. The code I am using is this:
if (!-d "e:/web/public_html/eagle_f91/ffinfo/protected/images/$Game") +{ mkdir("e:/web/public_html/eagle_f91/ffinfo/protected/images/$Game" +); } if (!-d "e:/web/public_html/eagle_f91/ffinfo/protected/images/$Game/$S +ubSet") { mkdir("e:/web/public_html/eagle_f91/ffinfo/protected/images/$Game/ +$SubSet"); } if (!-d "e:/web/public_html/eagle_f91/ffinfo/protected/images/$Game/$S +ubSet/thmb") { mkdir("e:/web/public_html/eagle_f91/ffinfo/protected/images/$Game/ +$SubSet/thmb"); }
The code looks fine to me but maybe someone else can see what I am doing wrong.