vote on If I were stranded on a desert island with a Larry, the Larry I'd most want with me is:

Larry Ellison
[bar] 49/3%
Larry Erhardt
[bar] 2/0%
Larry Fine
[bar] 29/2%
Larry Fleinhardt
[bar] 11/1%
Larry Flynt
[bar] 58/4%
Larry King
[bar] 36/2%
Larry Laffer
[bar] 50/3%
Larry Linville
[bar] 10/1%
Larry Lurex
[bar] 8/1%
Larry McMurtry
[bar] 10/1%
Larry Niven
[bar] 96/7%
Larry Page
[bar] 46/3%
Larry Pardey
[bar] 9/1%
Larry Probst
[bar] 2/0%
Larry Powers
[bar] 5/0%
Larry Sanger
[bar] 3/0%
Larry the Cucumber
[bar] 83/6%
Larry the Lobster
[bar] 84/6%
Larry Wachowski
[bar] 34/2%
Larry Wall
[bar] 356/25%
Larry Whitney
[bar] 9/1%
I don't care, as long as he isn't wearing a Speedo
[bar] 452/31%
1442 total votes

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