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If one of the input arrays has a duplicate entry, a spurious intersection will be detected.

An input array set of

my @array1 = qw(c d e); my @array2 = qw(e f g h); # my @array3 = qw(a b d); # original code my @array3 = qw(a a b d); # modified for test my @array4 = qw(s g h j k l);

Produces output of

@array0, @array1: e - 1 @array0, @array2: a d - 2 @array0, @array3: - 0 @array1, @array2: a - 1 @array1, @array3: g h - 2 @array2, @array3: a - 1

godevars may be dealing with input arrays that have unique elements; certainly, his example data has this characteristic. However, it is nowhere stated explicitly that this is the case, so I just thought I'd mention it.