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Hi ferddle,

You can use negative look ahead regex to accomplish your job. If you have whole file in a string $kml, then

use strict; use warnings; use Data::Dumper; my $kml = do { local $/, <DATA>}; my %hash; while ($kml =~ m/<name>((?:(?!<name>).)*)<\/name>\s*(<coordinates>(?:( +?:(?!<coordinates>).)*)<\/coordinates>)/gs){ $hash{$1} = $2; } print Dumper \%hash; output: ------- $VAR1 = { 'One more' => '<coordinates>56,78,0</coordinates>', 'This is the title' => '<coordinates>12,34,0</coordinates>' };

You can learn more about positive look ahead at perlre.

updated, added code. Thanks to ikegami for pointing out the mistake.