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Well done, but you have omitted the fact that dereferencing an anonymous function means calling it:
&$aSub(@args); $aSub->(@args); # This notation due to merlyn
and at this point if people wonder why a method call looks like a dereferencing operation, they should give themselves brownie points because it is. When you call bless on a reference, it is not the reference that is blessed, it is the thing that the reference points at. And a method call is really a matter of dereferencing the reference in a way that is looking for a method. Consider:
package foo; sub bar { print "foobar strikes again!\n"; } package main; # Create and throw away an object bless \$x, "foo"; # But the blessing is not forgotten! (\$x)->bar();
This detail was pointed out to me by merlyn in chatter about a week ago. At first it surprised me, but then I thought about it and it made a lot of sense. After all if I have 10 references to the same thing, shouldn't dereferencing any of them be equivalent? Doesn't a method call look like just dereferencing...?

And so to your list you can add calling an anonymous subroutine and making a method call as dereferencing operations.