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well after a long perlmonks, cpan and google searching, for a suitable module , script and a method. i came up with nothing, nada, zero, 0. what am i looking for is the way to create a high quality line, bar chart in PS, pdf, eps, and png format that looks something like this : mixed chart

the really cool thing that looks it can do most of the things i need is gnuplot module but to get this module working on windows, that is just to pipe it to gnuplot is a miracle (i keep getting tons of errors like : Invalid Parameter - 90,Error in tempdir() using \tmp\XXXXXXXXXX: Parent directory (\tmp) does not exist at C:/Perl/site/lib/Chart/ line 1330, .... and many more -- so i just gave up on it, if i can't make it work in a reasonable time i can't expect an average joe to sit at his computer for days trying to make something work, that he is going to use couple of times a year).

so any advice would bi useful. even the one telling me to give up

some of modules i've looked at :


PostScript::Graph::XY -- the whole family

GD::Graph -- family

Chart -- family

... and many more i cant even remember any more