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I can't believe you're saying stuff like "As opposed to your wholy artificial distinction between for & foreach, which are for all intents and purposes identically functional synonyms, excepting for some obscure implementation distinction that nobody can think of a use for.".

/me sighs.

Do you not see that fundamentally, the C-style for loop (three parts in prefix, no automatic localization) uses a different pattern of behavior from a csh-style foreach loop (always one localized variable, always stepping forward one item at a time through a list or array)? That's not just an "obscure implementation distinction". And that I choose to keep it simple for people by omitting "C-style" and "csh-style", using the shorthand "for" vs "foreach". It's not just that the keywords are interchangeable... they are fundamentally different types of loops, much as a while loop is a third category. Or are you going to say that "while is just a for loop with some obscure implementation distinction" as well? Madness.