The idea would be to create a section, rather like Perl Monks Discussion, but which would be accessible (both read and write) only to pmdev, for the purpose of discussing ... well, anything pmdev wants to discuss internally. This is to get away from using the wiki for such discussions, since — as has been pointed out on several occasions — wikis are not a good medium for discussion. Looking at the history of wiki rollovers, it's clear that a lot more has gone on in the pmdev wiki than any other, and undoubtedly most of that volume was for discussions.

What do y'all think of this idea?

It would be pretty easy to do. The steps involved would be as follows:

1. Clone pmdevtopic into pmdevroot as a subnodetype of pmdevtopic, setting Creator=Updater=pmdev.

2. Make a pmdevroot display page like so:

<p><i> [% linkNode $$NODE{author_user}; %] has initiated the following pmde +v topic: </i></p> <p> [{parselinks:doctext}] </p> <p> [{editinvote:Your Topic}] [{shownote}] </p> <p><center> Back to [% linkNodeTitle('Pmdev Discussion') %] </center></p>

3. Make a new section superdoc like so:

[{get_sitedoclet}] [{newlistapproved:pmdevroot,perlquestion approved linktype,Pmdev Discu +ssion,15,navbaron,showall}] [{addnewform:pmdevroot,Initiate Pmdev Discussion}] [{showhints}]

4. Other ancillary things, such as adding awareness of the new section/nodetype to Newest Nodes (for pmdev only, of course).

It might be nice to name this new type "pmdevtopic", but that nodetype name is already used, by root posts of the Inner Scriptorium. We could rename that nodetype, to something like "manuscript" (in keeping with that section's name), freeing up "pmdevtopic" for the present purpose. tye says that such a renaming would take about 12 patches.

Note that the reply node type already exists: pmdevnote.