in reply to Encoding: my custom encoding fails on one character but works for everything else?!

When in doubt , decompose.

Have you tried dumping the data structure storing the result of parsing the umc file? Does it look right? If you are storing conversion rules in a hash, what happens if you look up '{i}' (or 'i') independently in the hash? Do you get the right unicode?

What 'key' do you need to lookup the unicode for '{i}'? If the data structures are storing the right information, what about the code that is supposed to be converting '{i}' into a form suitable for look-up in your encoding data structures. How is '{i}' being extracted? What happens if you separate out the code that extracts '{i}' and run it separately? Do you get a key suitable for look-up? Or do you get '{i' or 'i}' or even '{i}' when in fact you need '{i}' (or vice versa)?

I'd also investigate further why it was necessary to comment out the mapping for the left curly brace. Are right curlies also a problem? If not, what is special about left curlies? Is this a hint about how the encoding/decoding algorithm works? Perhaps there is something deeper that connects the problems with left curlies and '{i}'?

Best, beth