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Hi all,

Where do I find the complete information on what I can do with Win32::OLE, when modifying an M$ word document? For example, I found that following code on the web, and it works on my MS Word input file, but I would like to know 'the rest of the story'.

I'd like to know how the originally author figured this much out!

Thanks for your time!

$selection->{'Find'}->ClearFormatting; $selection->{'Find'}->{'Style'} = $doc->Styles('Title'); $selection->{'Find'}->{'Text'} = "app"; $selection->{'Find'}->Execute; $selection->{'Find'}->{'Replacement'}->{'Text'} = "B"; $selection->{'Find'}->Execute({Replace => wdReplaceAll}); $selection->{'Find'}->{'Forward'} = 1; # find next instance $selection->{'Find'}->Execute; $selection->{'Find'}->{'Format'} = 1; $selection->{'Find'}->Execute;