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Will break if for some reason you are fond of putting horizontal rules (i.e. 72 consecutive - characters) in your commit messages.

You're depending on some implementation specific markup that won't necessarily exist for every client. The XML format (svn log --xml {url}) is a bit more standard if you want to parse it with tools (or you might consider using SVN::Client)

I would rather do -n than while (<STDIN>) {...}, but perl then treats my search term as a file to be processed, which makes me sad.

That's because you are reading from @ARGV after the <> operator (generated by -n) is. Try something like...

perl -ne 'BEGIN{$/="-"x72; $re = shift} print"$r\n"if((($r)=split)&&/$ +re/)' search_term


perl -lne 'BEGIN{$/="-"x72; $re = shift} /$re/ and ($_)=split and prin +t' search_term