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I'm trying to create a CGI application that allows users to Safely eval some types of Perl code. Of course I need the Safe module to only allow a small subset of opcodes that are considered safe and useful for this application. Here's a test script I've been writing. It basically goes through and finds what opcodes $line needs to execute. It ex
#!/usr/bin/perl use Opcode; use Safe; my @names = Opcode::opset_to_ops(Opcode::full_opset); my @neededops; use CGI; my $query=CGI::new(); print $query->header(); print "<HTML><BODY>"; foreach $name(@names) { my $cpt; $cpt=undef; $cpt=new Safe; $cpt->share('$name'); my(@ops)=grep { $_ ne $name} @names; $cpt->permit_only(@ops); my $line=q{ print "Opcode: $name\n"; }; $cpt->reval($line); push @neededops, $name if $@; } print "<HR>\n\n@neededops\n"; print "</BODY></HTML>";
It works fine from the command line but when I run it through a browser I get a "The document contains no data" dialog box. If I comment out $cpt->reval($line) this disappears. Any ideas why this might be happening?
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