in reply to What is the largest number of tests you have created for a single project you have worked on?

I voted 10000-100000, but I don't know if tests in loops count the amount of times a tests is run, or the number of tests actually written (as in typed by hand).

use Test::More; is (1, 1, "test 1"); is (2, 2, "test 2"); is (3, 3, "test 3"); done_testing ();


use Test::More; is ($_, $_, "test $_") for 1 .. 3; done_testing ();

As an example only. Generated tests can be complicated but useful.

foreach my $nl ("", "\n", "\r", "\r\n") { ok ($object->send ($text.$nl), "send"); is ($object->receive (), $text, "receive text without line ending" +); }

does this count as 2 or as 8?

Enjoy, Have FUN! H.Merijn