vote on On April Fools' Day, I'll...

be dressed in motley
[bar] 2/1%
be playing The Fool
[bar] 5/2%
still be The Fool
[bar] 21/10%
be watching / listening to / singing Pagliacci or Rigoletto
[bar] 6/3%
be trying to fool you
[bar] 23/11%
be perpetrating a Perl-ish prank (nominations invited)
[bar] 13/6%
be executing a non-programming prank
[bar] 22/11%
be wondering whether it's Iron Pyrites
[bar] 3/1%
be practicing to avoid Fool's Mate
[bar] 6/3%
be still together with my money (little though it is)
[bar] 17/8%
be trying to amuse you
[bar] 5/2%
be wondering why yyyy/4/1 is associated with foolishness
[bar] 30/15%
Still be writing scripts without "use strict;" and "use warnings;"
[bar] 49/24%
202 total votes

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