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I am debugging a website that I just inherited. I want to turn on the Perl TK Debugger when the Perl code is executed from the webpage. I have successfully tested adding -d:ptkdb to the header line of a standalone Perl program and the debugger is activated when the program is run. So far so good.

The code I need to debug is in a local module written for the website. The website is running on Apache. Since web programming is not my strong suit, I am not sure how to identify the actual Perl program executed by the web server when the Submit button is clicked (the program "use"ing the module I need to debug). I want to add -d:ptkdb to that program's header line to activate the debugger when it is executed.

I know I can put 'warn' statements in the module to display variables, etc, but I would much prefer to step through the code using the Perl TK Debugger if possible. Are there some web gurus out there who can help me fill in the last piece of this puzzle? Thanks.

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