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I can't imagine how I could ever live without an…

If you think there are too few options, you may add some of the following older appliances too. That's not likely though, you'd rather want to remove some of the options above instead.

What I include are household appliances, that is, stuff ordinary people can own at home. Thus, the automatic toilet flush didn't make the cut.

I'm deliberately leaving out all the innovations related to advanced consumer electronics such as: television, color television, cassette player, videocassette recorder, CD player, personal computer, home game computer, portable game computer, internet, perl, mobile phone, internet access at home, fast computer at home, computer with large hard disk at home, cd/dvd burner, fast internet access at home, portable audio cd player, cheap solid state storage, portable music player using solid state storage, digital camera, mobile internet, camera in mobile phone, cheap GPS, large television, large TFT monitor, wireless keyboard or mouse, notebook computer as powerful as a desktop, touchscreen mobile phone, uninterruptible power supply, facebook, twitter. Those could make another poll, but a less interesting one.

I'm also omitting stuff related to light sources, such as led bicycle torch, cheap rechargeable battery. See the related Re: poll ideas quest 2009 (light source).

Update 2015-07-10: added electrically adjustable table, electric can opener next to pencil sharpener, merged thermometer and blood pressure meter, demoted immersion heater to the extras. See also the other idea Re: poll ideas quest 2010 (Past sucks why) "If I moved to the Past, what I missed the most would be…"