What nodes should/should not be FrontPaged?

The front page (The Monastery Gates) is most likely the first thing a newcomer will see when they come to PerlMonks. It should be representative of what transpires on PM.

Many regular users also use the front page to find interesting new content on the site. These users rely on others to select what nodes they will see.

Lack of turnover on the front page makes the site look inactive to someone who hasn't figured out how the site works yet, and to our regulars who use the front page.

Do frontpage a node if it:

Don't frontpage a node if it:

Poor spelling or grammar should not disqualify a node from being frontpaged. Not everyone who uses the site uses English as their primary language. Don't be afraid to frontpage such a node as long as the poster is capable of getting his/her point across.

Please read this classic discussion for more extremely relevant and informative information and opinions from some of the Monastery's wisest clerics.

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