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Hmmm, by looking at the source of za_archive_zip.t I see it sets the ziptest directory to read-only yet Archive::Zip seems to still be able to create a temporary file. Pretty interesting...what OS are you doing this on?
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Re^2: Archive::Zip - CPAN - Install Failing
by awohld (Hermit) on Jul 02, 2005 at 03:06 UTC
    I'm running Fedora Core 4. Fedora Core 4 bug?
      Ah, you're probably installing as root. It's a somewhat silly test. Just do force install Archive::Zip under cpan.
        When I install this under Fedora Core 3 it installs without a problem, and I'm root. Also when I use Archive::Zip, after a forced install, to decompress a large number of large .zip files, I get random errors saying that it can't find some tmp files used in the process of unzipping the files.