We periodically talk about cleaning up the unused handles. Also, we (very) ocassionally see handles that are, well, less than professional.

I propose we add a power, accessible to a very select set of users, that allows only the most trusted to cancel new user registrations. Here's how I see it working:

  • A new user registers a handle. We send them their password and put a message on the notification screen indicating that their account is provisional, pending approval of the staff for account naming guidelines.

  • The new user can log in and post as normal.

  • The "approval council" either approves or denies the account name using a mechanism similar to ntc (or janitorial nuking), including a (signed) comment.

  • If the handle gets too many unapproved votes, it's automatically deleted, ala Mr. Skinny. A message is sent to the registered email address; this contains the signed comment.

  • If the new handle gets mixed reviews, one of the Council could send an email (also like a certain node that currently exists) allowing the user to voluntarily cancel their account.

  • A new button is added to User Settings that lets you cancel your account.

    This is processed 24 hours later, giving someone a change to cool down.

  • Any nodes posted by a cancelled account are reassigned to AnonyMonk

Normally, I would not recommend this type of change, but it seems to have become necessary and this proposal helps address other problems we've talked about from time to time.

Again: This would only be available to a very select set of users, generally vroom and a few others that've earned his trust (not necessaily the cleaning staff).

I believe it would help:

  • Weed out the inactives, generally those that registered but have never logged in. (Wait a year, though, before dropping someone.)
  • Cancel certain, shall we say, clearly trollish handles (including those registered over the last several hours).
  • Allow folks a gentle way to retire.

Thoughts? Comments?