A while back, cciulla wrote in Voting:

Unfortunately, some monks vote-- without the benefit of an explanation. FWIW, I have been hit with a couple of these, but that's not my motiviation, as this does not further perl, perl development, nor the author's knowledge of why his/her writeup "sucked."

As an extentsion to that, today I noticed that some coward really bashed reptile's Thought I\'d Give it a Shot.

What would other monks think of having the IP address of the poster displayed on every reply? That way one could tell by association what user was most likely to have posted a flame if he re-logs on as an Anonymous Monk. Something along the lines of
This color sucks! 1 reply by Anonymous Monk
on Sun May 07 2000 at 2000 from

I know we are all pretty paranoid (at least I am), but I really don't think that should be such a big issue. I would assume that most of use posting here are doing so behind a firewall or packet filter of some sort (I know I am).

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