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I've come up against a problem which I think can be resolved with an array of hashes but im not quite sure how to proceed i've tried various ways but its starting to frustrate a little now.

I have an hash of hashes data structure which is work fine for one key to one value

$VAR1 = 'mode'; $VAR2 = { 'type' => ' auto mode', 'action' => ' completed on own.' };

An using the below snippet of code to print the hash values out

for(sort keys %component) { print "$_,$component{$_}{type},$component{$_}{action}\n"; }

The problem is, some times the key can have different values based on an override switch

$VAR1 = 'mode' $VAR2 = { 'switch1' => { 'type' => ' auto mode for switch1', 'action' => ' completed with assistance.' }, 'switch2' => { 'type' => ' auto mode for switch2', 'action' => 'completed on own.' }, 'switch3' => { 'type' => ' auto mode for switch3' 'action' => ' rasied alarm, incident reporte +d.', }, 'switch4' => { 'type' => ' manual mode for switch4', 'action' => ' complete process manually

Any assistance on how I could generate and print this data structure would be greatly appreciated