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Re: Homework Golf

by ambrus (Abbot)
on Dec 04, 2013 at 07:32 UTC ( #1065550=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Homework Golf

That brings back memories.

Back in 2008 we've had some annoying users here who spent time with this numerology thingy by adding up the letters of a line in the Bible. It was at that time when I wrote a script to add up all lines of the kitty pidgin translation of the Bible translated so far. The most frequent sum turned out to be 442.

442 thorns(19+7+14+17+13+18) also(0+11+18+14) An(0+13) thistlez(19 ++7+8+18+19+11+4+25) gun(6+20+13) it(8+19) brin(1+17+8+13) forth(5+14+ +17+19+7) 2 u(20); -- Genesis 3:18 442 Ceiling(2+4+8+11+8+13+6) Cat(2+0+19) sed(18+4+3), "yr(24+17) h +er(7+4+17) bukkit(1+20+10+10+8+19) holder(7+14+11+3+4+17), go(6+14) h +old(7+14+11+3) her(7+4+17) bukkit(1+20+10+10+8+19)." -- Genesis 16:9 442 An(0+13) he(7+4) sed(18+4+3) "Abraham(0+1+17+0+7+0+12) ur(20+1 +7) gud(6+20+3) kitteh(10+8+19+19+4+7). U(20) wud(22+20+3) givd(6+8+21 ++3) me(12+4) ur(20+17) kitteh(10+8+19+19+4+7). -- Genesis 22:16 442 Dad(3+0+3) may(12+0+24) feels(5+4+4+11+18) my(12+24) no(13+14) + furz(5+20+17+25), then(19+7+4+13) he(7+4) would(22+14+20+11+3) cockm +ongle(2+14+2+10+12+14+13+6+11+4) me(12+4)." -- Genesis 27:12 442 Da(3+0) maidz(12+0+8+3+25) n(13) dere(3+4+17+4) kittehs(10+8+1 +9+19+4+7+18) come(2+14+12+4) up(20+15) and(0+13+3) smelled(18+12+4+11 ++11+4+3) Esau's(4+18+0+20+18) butt(1+20+19+19), -- Genesis 33:6 442 newai(13+4+22+0+8) u(20) can(2+0+13) lookz(11+14+14+10+25) at( +0+19) me(12+4) An(0+13) seez(18+4+4+25) taht(19+0+7+19) i(8) iz(8+25) + ur(20+17) bro(1+17+14). 4 rael(17+0+4+11). -- Genesis 45:12 442 See(18+4+4)? U(20) has(7+0+18) stopped(18+19+14+15+15+4+3) all +(0+11+11) teh(19+4+7) Israelite(8+18+17+0+4+11+8+19+4) d(3)00dz(3+25) + from(5+17+14+12) work(22+14+17+10)." -- Exodus 5:5 442 Eech(4+4+2+7) yr(24+17), U(20) eet(4+4+19) bred(1+17+4+3) wid( +22+8+3) no(13+14) yeest(24+4+4+18+19), or(14+17) I(8) pwn(15+22+13) U +(20). Big(1+8+6) tyme(19+24+12+4). -- Exodus 12:15 442 pwn(15+22+13) teh(19+4+7) Midianites(12+8+3+8+0+13+8+19+4+18) +for(5+14+17) teh(19+4+7) j(9)00s(18) so(18+14) tehy(19+4+7+24) wil(22 ++8+11) laik(11+0+8+10) u(20). -- Numbers 31:2 442 Ruth(17+20+19+7) goes(6+14+4+18) home(7+14+12+4) at(0+19) 5. S +he(18+7+4) has(7+0+18) got(6+14+19) good(6+14+14+3) amount(0+12+14+20 ++13+19) of(14+5) foods(5+14+14+3+18). -- Ruth 2:17 442 "when(22+7+4+13) tehy(19+4+7+24) iz(8+25) liek(11+8+4+10) 'we( +22+4) can(2+0+13) haz(7+0+25) cheezburgr(2+7+4+4+25+1+20+17+6+17) nao +w(13+0+14+22) plz(15+11+25)?'() -- Job 38:40 442 Oh(14+7) hai(7+0+8). Dude(3+20+3+4) called(2+0+11+11+4+3) Job( +9+14+1) replied(17+4+15+11+8+4+3) on(14+13) chat(2+7+0+19) and(0+13+3 +) sed(18+4+3) back(1+0+2+10) to(19+14) Invisible(8+13+21+8+18+8+1+11+ +4) Man(12+0+13): -- Job 42:1 442 u(20) is(8+18) on(14+13) teh(19+4+7) thrones(19+7+17+14+13+4+1 +8), gettin(6+4+19+19+8+13) praised(15+17+0+8+18+4+3) by(1+24) teh(19+ +4+7) Israel(8+18+17+0+4+11). -- Psalm 22:3 442 Ceiling(2+4+8+11+8+13+6) cat(2+0+19) are(0+17+4) serious(18+4+ +17+8+14+20+18) cat(2+0+19). This(19+7+8+18) are(0+17+4) serious(18+4+ +17+8+14+20+18) psalm(15+18+0+11+12). -- Psalm 24:8

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