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This post is about the immature Perl 6, not the rock solid Perl 5

Hi McD,

it seems a bit unsporting

As in Util's entry was unsporting? Or my comment?

the implicit contest was P5

If the implicit aspect you're speaking of is a general P6-isn't-Perl sentiment, well, I don't subscribe to that. The Meditations section is explicitly inclusive of Perl 6 -- "share or discuss opinions on ... Perl 6". And voting, especially the absence of "significant downvotes", appears to be consistently supportive of reasonable P6 posts.

That said, I don't want to be the source of undue or unproductive provocation. I apologize if I'm still missing something and ask that you make it explicit for me so I can watch for it in the future.

I'd give it full marks for such an outstanding performance and such readable code. (Where "readable" is, um, relative. Kind of a tough call in this thread...)

Yeah, Perl++, P6++, Util++. "I don't know Perl and I can get the gist of it" is from a comment about readability of the P6 solution. (The commenter also notes that their python equivalent "falters a little here because its functional syntax is not the best".)

It's inspired me to go do this year's Perl6 Advent Calendar and spend another December trying to cozy up to the next generation of Perl!

:) I repeated my P6 disclaimer block at the start of this comment. Imo P6 is still not ready for most non-contributors and even some who wish to contribute. You will likely become very frustrated if all you want is something that works and you may even become frustrated if all you want to do is contribute. However, if that hasn't put you off then get ready for a lot of fun. :)