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Re: possible: a perl plugin for web browsers?

by vaevictus (Pilgrim)
on Aug 28, 2001 at 22:37 UTC ( #108541=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to possible: a perl plugin for web browsers?

Well... If you mean to add a single "plugin" where you could run perl scripts, as opposed to installing activeperl (for windows clients), if feasible, the plugin would be large.

Assuming that it was set up that way, we'd need to incorporate a GUI method for the webbrowser. Probably GTK or Glade or something, perhaps TCL/TK, which would morph into some sort of Browser::API; I'm not going into the holy war on GUIs thing.

After we had this "plugin" in place, we'd have to work on the transport protocol. It'd be a terrible thing to have someone insert into a cleartext transmission from a webserver to a perl plugin some malicious code like system("your nasty commandline here"); Which means we'd need at least a CRC transmission test system and probably SSL.

So... If we got the plugin created, and to an acceptible point where the clients would not have to worry about simple hack attacks, then we'd have something. I'm afraid I don't use much client side applications, so I don't use much java at all.

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Re: Re: possible: a perl plugin for web browsers?
by drfrog (Deacon) on Aug 29, 2001 at 00:23 UTC
    defintley security is an issue
    we can look back through five years of how java did/didnt do it!

    i dont know if gui is a real issue
    i mean a java applet doesnt
    nessicarily output anything

    thats up to the developer and what their project needs

    the ability to use gtkglarea in a perl plugin
    would be super smoking

    i think size of the plugin could matter esp on windows
    but if it was included in activestates setup?
      i have to ask.
      why do you write <BQ>your posts like</BQ>
        you want the truth or should i lie?

        ok the truth is im lazy
        and i only use line breaks

        my boss give me trouble all the
        time about lower case and no punctuation
        it could be worse...i mean....

        back in the day we didnt have no old school
      well, if activestate was set up, we could just develop a perl package system... where all the code and optional libraries could be contained, possibly compressed, and CRC verified (to avoid simple tampering over TCP). This would be a very small download for most applications.

      OTOH, without activestate set up, the plugin would be very hefty, because you'd have to basically install perl somewhat... perhaps a binary distribution that was self contained could be rather win32 universal... I'm not sure.

      Regardless, the download would be very small for almost all "applets" ... :) ... it's the plugin download that'd get you. It'd basically activestate, with a small package management setup and mime type.

      The biggest problem would be getting anyone to set it up. Perl's *way* too powerful to just download something automatically from any site and execute it. :) Gives "Microsoft Free Fridays" a brutal edge to it, as soon as someone starts using malicious system calls. :)

      Thoughts anyone?

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