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Besides what's on my home node, here's what I could dig up on my nick:

A rig is a strip of land associated with a croft and Run-rigs are sequences of those strips of land, many of which are still visible on Skye.

Update: ...and besides just liking the sound of the nick, I often think about going to Skye :)

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Re^2: Name Space
by Anonymous Monk on Nov 21, 2012 at 23:14 UTC

    I came here because your name is runrig!

    When will we see, your likes again ...? Apologies, I've been drinking.

    I tried to ride a bike to Skye once, but the rear cluster fell off and I ended up in a pub in Crianlarich. Never got out.

    I'm not Scottish, but spent a year at U. Edinburgh. My best to you for the creative and inspiring name.

    --Scott, Perl novice