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well this works

PERLDB_OPTS="ReadLine=0" MASTER_TTY=`tty` xterm -e perl -d


use Term::ReadLine; my $tty=$ENV{MASTER_TTY}; open my $out,'>',$tty; open my $in,'<',$tty; my $term = Term::ReadLine->new('Simple Perl calc',$in,$out); my $prompt = "Enter code: "; my $OUT = $term->OUT || \*STDOUT; while ( $_ = $term->readline($prompt) ) { my $res = eval($_); warn $@ if $@; print $OUT $res, "\n" unless $@; $term->addhistory($_) if /\S/; }

otherwise the debugger starts spontaneously to write to the master terminal, IMHO a bug somewhere between debugger and TRL.

My former approach to redirect the app's tty to a slave terminal has the advantage to run without lost of features in IDEs like emacs.

The slave terminal can also be an extra sub-window within the IDE running a terminal emulation.

Cheers Rolf

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