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Re: Load file (updated)

by AnomalousMonk (Bishop)
on Jul 27, 2019 at 22:57 UTC ( #11103521=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Load file

As huck has replied, there is no array, only a hash of hashes (of hashes) (update: although formally a "hash" is an associative array etc., etc.); see Perl Data Structures Cookbook (perldsc). Examples of access:

c:\@Work\Perl\monks>perl -wMstrict -le "use Data::Dumper; ;; our %S = ( game => { 'jetfighter4' => { key => 'M3pL73', label => 'JetFighter IV: Fortress America', }, 'projectigi2r' => { key => 'j4F9cY', label => 'IGI2: Covert Strike', port => 26001, }, }, ); ;; print Dumper \%S; ;; print Dumper $S{ 'game' }{ 'jetfighter4' }; ;; print $S{ 'game' }{ 'jetfighter4' }{ 'label' }; " $VAR1 = { 'game' => { 'projectigi2r' => { 'label' => 'IGI2: Covert Str +ike', 'port' => 26001, 'key' => 'j4F9cY' }, 'jetfighter4' => { 'label' => 'JetFighter IV: Fo +rtress America', 'key' => 'M3pL73' } } }; $VAR1 = { 'label' => 'JetFighter IV: Fortress America', 'key' => 'M3pL73' }; JetFighter IV: Fortress America

BTW, the second appearance of  %S in your OPed code
    our %S = (%S, ... );
definition and initialization statement is puzzling: to what does it refer? There is no other  %S in the posted code, and I would expect a warning message of some kind if there were. (You're using strict and warnings, right? Right?) (But see Update 2 below.)

Update 1: I have the impression your OP was recently modified. If so, please see How do I change/delete my post? for site etiquette and protocol regarding such changes. Basic rule: Do Not Destroy Context.

Update 2: Actually, I just tried the code example above with the second  %S present (with warnings and strictures enabled) and to my surprise, it doesn't produce a warning or error message! I guess this has to do with its package-global nature. Still, I don't understand its function in the code. Is it previously defined as a lexical (that would work and might even be useful)? In puzzlement...

Give a man a fish:  <%-{-{-{-<

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Re^2: Load file (updated)
by CougarXR7 (Acolyte) on Jul 28, 2019 at 12:38 UTC

    Thank you!

    As I said, I know nothing about Perl, but I am learning!

    That file is a part of the source code from 333Networks

    Again, thank you!

    Thank you for the links!

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