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I'll say it again: Trolling, at least if it's egregious enough, is reason for reaping. Troll-feeding is not.

I should also remind that the onus for proper moderation is on the one who makes the consideration and on those who vote on it. If three five monks together agree that a node should be reaped, then it may* get reaped. But what we should never see is a reason for reaping like "troll-feeding", because that's not a valid reason. If you think the node is trolling, then consider/reap it for that.

What I'm concerned about, in this discussion, is how the term "troll-feeding" is being used. Your example,

so emotional, clever trolling!
is not what I would call troll feeding anyway. At least, you can't tell, by itself. It depends on whether it is in reply to a trolling post. I personally would probably vote 'reap' on such a node, because it is, as you pointed out, a zero-value node.

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