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... These would sometimes get the lexer into the wrong state, so they didn't fully work, and the similar foreach qw(a b c) {...} that one might expect to be permitted never worked at all.

So, just because they worked for you, they didn't work in all cases, and I suppose fixing the bug made the code simpler than keeping the special case around.

But I'm sure you already read the post by afoken where this was explained. If you have further questions, I'm sure they can be answered from the git repository, or by asking the people involved.

Again, I perceive your tone as confrontative, so you might want to work on that before communicating with other people about it. If you think that "p5p breaks things to spite you", you should maybe read more of the communication of p5p. p5p is not some dark cabal, and you will find that most changes to Perl get discussed on the mailing list.

If you think that Perl should not change, why do you keep upgrading perl?