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Re: examining HASH(0x1234567) in Debugger

by jcb (Priest)
on Jan 02, 2020 at 00:31 UTC ( #11110851=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to examining HASH(0x1234567) in Debugger


x 1 (grep {$_->{CHIPS_PART_NAM­E}=~/gravity/i} @goodRefDes)[4]

You may need to adjust the number in the final list element selector, since none of your hashrefs in the example match the one you asked about.

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Re^2: examining HASH(0x1234567) in Debugger
by boleary (Beadle) on Jan 02, 2020 at 11:34 UTC

    Thanks for weighing in Everyone
    This answer gives me the way to do what I wanted...

    You are right, I had cut and pasted the wrong hashref for my final example
    What I was really looking for was a way to explore deep-down in the guts of just one of the grep results

    Putting the paren around the output of grep lets me index into the grep results
    and then I can even go deeper into the data structure from there

    x 2 (grep {$_->{CHIPS_PART_NAME}=~/gravity/i} @goodRefDes)[4] 0 HASH(0xe0b0f3c) 'CDS_LIB' => 'contactor' 'CDS_LMAN_SYM_OUTLINE' => '-150,1400,150,-1400' 'CDS_LOCATION' => 'SITE1_19' 'CDS_PART_NAME' => 'GRAVITY_DIL_DUT_56_DGV_CONTACTOR-56P-FULL-GRAVI +TY_DIL_DUT_56_DGV' 'CDS_PHYS_PART_NAME' => 'GRAVITY_DIL_DUT_56_DGV_CONTACTOR-56P-FULL- +GRAVITY_DIL_DUT_56_DGV' 'CDS_SEC' => 1 'CHIPS_PART_NAME' => 'GRAVITY_DIL_DUT_56_DGV' 'DCF_ID' => 'SITE1_19' 'DESCRIPTION' => 'DUT, DIL, DGV, 56-PIN' 'DESIGN_BLK_INFO' => HASH(0xe0ad774) 'HPATH_INFO_LIST' => ARRAY(0xe0b1944) 'LOCATION' => 'SITE1_19' 'PACK_TYPE' => 'CONTACTOR-56P-FULL' 'PART_NUMBER' => 'GRAVITY_DIL_DUT_56_DGV' 'PHYS_PAGE' => 1 'PIN_LIST' => ARRAY(0xe0b16d4) 'PROP_INFO' => HASH(0xe0b15e4) 'RAW_HPATH' => '@\\6632725_lib\\.\\6632725\\(sch_1):page72_i6@\\663 +2725_lib\\.locustsite(sch_1):page1_i2' 'ROT' => 0 'SEC' => 1 'VER' => 2 'XY' => '(-4850,2200)'
    and even:
    x 2 (grep {$_->{CHIPS_PART_NAME}=~/gravity/i} @goodRefDes)[4]->{PIN_L +IST}[0] 0 HASH(0xe0b1b54) 'ALT_NAME' => 'SITE1_19.1' 'PIN_NAME' => '\\1\\' 'PN' => 1

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