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Re: Unable to Write Spreadsheet Text in Color

by choroba (Archbishop)
on Mar 13, 2020 at 01:22 UTC ( #11114198=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Unable to Write Spreadsheet Text in Color

It's just a mistake in the documentation. Use set_color instead.

Also, you need to specify the format as the third argument to write in order to use it:

$format->set_color( 'red' ); $worksheet->write( 'A1', 'test', $format );

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Re^2: Unable to Write Spreadsheet Text in Color
by roho (Chancellor) on Mar 13, 2020 at 01:39 UTC
    Thanks choroba. That was it. And you're right about the format; it was an oversight in my sample code.

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