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Re^4: Obtaining perl-5.6.2 for modern Ubuntu

by syphilis (Bishop)
on Mar 20, 2020 at 12:17 UTC ( #11114514=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re^3: Obtaining perl-5.6.2 for modern Ubuntu
in thread Obtaining perl-5.6.2 for modern Ubuntu

Thanks - though not exactly my idea of baby steps ;-)
Having installed App::perbrew, curl, and perlbrew, when I run:
perlbrew install perl-5.6.2
it tries to download
But my ISP won't allow downloads via http of more than 1015 bytes.
How do I tell perlbrew to download instead ?

As I mentioned, I already have perl-5.6.2.tar.gz so an alternative would be to grab the source from the local directory.

EDIT: Failed 3 test scripts out of 359, 99.16% okay.

If I can just get make install to work then that'll probly be good enough for me ;-)
I'll see if I can work out how to get it to find the source ... might take me 2 minutes; might take me 2 hours ...

Update: Heh, I found the following gem in the perlbrew --help documentation:
PERLBREW_CPAN_MIRROR The CPAN mirror url of your choice. The default value is ""
No mention of how to alter the default, presumably because that could have been useful information.
I checked echo $PERLBREW_CPAN_MIRROR only to find it was empty, and I walked away uttering strings of expletives - which is my usual mode of behaviour.
About half an hour later, it occurred to me that maybe I should try setting the PERLBREW_CPAN_MIRROR env var to just in case it might have the desired effect ... and it did !!
This is just typical of unfamiliar tools - they're documentation never tells you what you need to know ;-)
And therein lies my reticence to use them.

Anyway - it still hasn't given me a perl-5.6.2 installation.
More of that later as I follow it up.

Next Update: 2 of the tests failed during make test, but running cd /home/sisyphus/perl5/perlbrew/build/perl-5.6.2/perl-5.6.2; make install takes care of that and I now have a (hopefully) usable perl-5.6.2 installation.
As always, thanks guys !!!


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Re^5: Obtaining perl-5.6.2 for modern Ubuntu
by bliako (Parson) on Mar 20, 2020 at 13:07 UTC
      if and when it fails tests perlbrew will tell you how to force install

      Yeah ... I didn't mention this in the above rambling rant, but when it first failed to install (because of the test failures) I noticed the following advice at the end of the messages:
      Generally, if you need to install a perl distribution known to have mi +nor test failures, do one of these commands to avoid seeing this message: perlbrew --notest install perl-5.6.2 perlbrew --force install perl-5.6.2
      So, I re-ran the command with --force but it still failed in exactly the same way.
      Then I noticed another message higher up:
      If some perl tests failed and you still want to install this distribut +ion anyway, do: (cd /home/sisyphus/perl5/perlbrew/build/perl-5.6.2/perl-5.6.2; make +install)
      So I did that, and it installed that build of perl-5.6.2 just fine.


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