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Re^3: Cor—An object system for the Perl core

by 1nickt (Abbot)
on May 20, 2020 at 22:01 UTC ( #11117004=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re^2: Cor—An object system for the Perl core
in thread Cor—An object system for the Perl core

Thanks Ovid!

I sure as heck do not disagree that Moo has its drawbacks. I am well aware of and frequently affected by some of the very ones you highlighted, in particular the conflation of attributes and methods. (Not all Perl programmers whose work is "maintenance of large-scale systems" are "heavily, publicly involved in the language" ...) On the other hand, I've never been unable to work around those things, even the funky method modifier limitations, in a relatively painless way.

I think your point that there is already a plethora of OO modules and frameworks on CPAN just confirms what I am saying: it is not possible to write a system that satisfies everybody, and thus, putting one in core Perl is the wrong thing to do.

(By the way: is it your plan that Cor should be a core module distributed with Perl, or actually part of Perl itself (ie builtin methods)?)

I think of what lwall says, "good chemistry is complicated and a little messy", and the fact that the absolute Number One killer feature of Perl is TIMTOWTDI, and I think that you may be tilting at windmills. Cor may be so good that I'll switch from Moo (I can't conceive of anything likely to become reality that would make me do that, but I'm open to it), but I still would not support stuffing it into the Perl core.

I really hope you finish Cor, publish it to CPAN, let it bake for a couple of years and a couple of major releases, then *perhaps* it can be added to the core distribution and maintained as a "dual-life" module, like, e.g. HTTP:Tiny.

( Wrt to your name, see also:;!! )

Thanks again for your reply!

The way forward always starts with a minimal test.

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