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Perl plugin for IntelliJ IDEA 2020.2 available

by hurricup (Pilgrim)
on Jul 29, 2020 at 05:33 UTC ( #11119937=perlnews: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

Features and Fixes

  • Significant editor and completion (wip) performance improvements.
  • Added support for Function::Parameters syntax WIP, #1674
  • Added support for Copyright plugin allowing you to add/update copyright to your pm files (NB: preview for block mode works wrong, but plugin should properly insert/update copyright in POD section). ${perlfile.packageName} variable supported in addition to standard set, #2168
  • Improved automatic second colon insertion/deletion handling (optional smart keys feature), #2199
  • Implemented automatic braces insertion for string substitution on typing (configurable), #2251
  • Improved files downloading for Docker and WSL based interpreters, should be much faster now, #2179
  • Fixed type inferrence for return-less simple expression methods, #2142
  • Fixed problem with symlinked libraries in WSL distribution, #2174
  • Adjusted parsing and formatting for function-like expressions, #2211
  • Improved parsing for readline operator (diamond operator), #2213
  • Improved Install Perl action for perlbrew, now showing all available distributions, #2221
  • It's now possible to configure different colors for differently based numbers: decimal, hexadecimal, octal and binary, #2225
  • Formatter may now be configured to keep -> signs on the same line when wrapping chained dereferences, #2226
  • Better documentation rendering, some trailing sections could be missing, #2228
  • Formatter is no longer mangling extended regular expressions, #2232
  • Performance for enter typing in the large files has been significantly improved, #2254
  • Replacement part of s/// regular expression is now parsed and highlighted as a qq string, #1988
  • Single quote delimiters are now honored in qx and regexp replacement, #2233
  • Matching and replacement blocks of tr operator are now properly lexed and highlighted, honoring single quote delimiters, #2224
  • Added support for character substitutions in strings, regexps and transliterations: lexing, highlighting, folding, tooltips, #2218
  • Added support for character escaping in strings lists: lexing, highlighting, #2245
  • Fixed number of parsing bugs, #2215
  • Perl 5.22:
    • String bitwise operators support: parsing, highlighting, quick-doc, formatting, #2210
    • Double diamond operator support: parsing, highlighting, quick-doc, formatting, #2212
  • Perl 5.32:
    • Perl 5.32 target version, #2205
    • isa expression parsing, highlighting, formatting, quick-doc and target version validation, #2206
    • Chained comparisons and equality checks support: parsing, highlighting, formatting and target version validation, #2208
  • Code completion:
    • Completion no longer suggests two lookup elements per namespace with different suffixes, to provide useful elements instead, dereference is now auto-completed and invokes pop-up after namespace, #2242
    • You may now complete variables without typing a sigil, just with variable name (experimental feature), #2170
    • You may now complete unicode character names in \N{} substitution (NB: currently all names known by your JRE suggested without filtering or extending by target perl version), #2250
    • Completion has been reworked and now should be much faster and relevant than before, #2197
    • Global variables are now shown in the short form: only variable name. Namespace specified in the left side, #2187
    • Global variables aliased with our keyword in the current file are now available in completion with their short names, #2191
    • Global variables are now completable by name only, namespace inserted automatically (except spammy ones, like @ISA, @EXPORT and friends, $VERSION), require manual completion invocation, #2185
    • Completion at bare filehandle now suggests namespaces, subs and variables, #2202
    • Completion at bare hash index now suggests namespaces, subs and variables, #2184
    • Fixed problems with variables completion if name is already braced, #2183
    • Completion of variable is no longer eats punctuation after a sigil, #2182


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Re: Perl plugin for IntelliJ IDEA 2020.2 available
by haukex (Bishop) on Jul 30, 2020 at 18:42 UTC

    This is great, thank you for putting so much work into making this plugin better and better, and keeping it current :-)

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