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Strawberry Perl-5.30.3 is available

by syphilis (Bishop)
on Aug 02, 2020 at 13:02 UTC ( #11120231=perlnews: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??


Just noticed that Strawberry Perl-5.30.3 is now available.
The date given there is 2020-07-13, but I know it wasn't available earlier today. (Looks like the date is the date that perl was built - not the date at which the distro became available.)

Hopefully, that indicates that 5.32.0 might not be too far away.
Actually, I build my own perls on Windows and therefore don't rely on the Strawberry project for perl. It's still a very handy reference for me, but.
And I do look forward to using the updated gcc compiler that usually accompanies new Strawberry Perl major releases.
Since the mingw-w64 project stopped providing recent builds of gcc (as of a couple of years ago), I've come to rely on Strawberry for my gcc upgrades.

Anyway ... just thought it was worth mentioning ... and looking forward to a 5.32.0 release soon, with (fingers crossed) gcc-9 or gcc-10.


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Re: Strawberry Perl-5.30.3 is available
by Anonymous Monk on Aug 02, 2020 at 13:22 UTC
    Great news! We use Strawberry for a laboratory project website (are there any good PSGI webservers for MSWin32 besides Thrall?)
    Hopefully, that indicates that 5.32.0 might not be too far away.
    I wish the project would set up a Let's Encrypt or other TLS certificate. I know it doesn't protect you against the really evil actors with the ability to issue arbitrary trusted certificates or MITM your traffic otherwise, but almost nothing online is safe from them anyway, and the way my (mobile) ISP inserts JavaScript tracking into plain HTTP websites is really annoying.
      I wish the project would set up a Let's Encrypt or other TLS certificate

      Yes, the lack of https access has caused concern for quite a few (including me).
      They do at least provide SHA1 digests for their releases.

      Oddly, their home page is still stuck on 5.30.2 and makes no mention of 5.30.3 availability.
      I guess it will update soon.


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