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Re^3: Access and decrypt Chrome cookies on Windows

by bliako (Monsignor)
on Nov 30, 2022 at 13:08 UTC ( #11148458=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re^2: Access and decrypt Chrome cookies on Windows
in thread Access and decrypt Chrome cookies on Windows

Win32::API shows how to work with structures and perhaps this way one can eliminate some of those packs. So this is another angle (thankfully untested):

Edit: I have just edited this 3 mins after, because I was using the CryptProtectData

Win32::API::Struct->typedef( DATA_BLOB => qw{ DWORD cbData; BYTE *pbData; }) or die; Win32::API->Import('user32', <<EOP) or die; BOOL CryptUnprotectData( DATA_BLOB *pDataIn, LPWSTR *ppszDataDescr, DATA_BLOB *pOptionalEntropy, PVOID pvReserved, CRYPTPROTECT_PROMPTSTRUCT *pPromptStruct, DWORD dwFlags, DATA_BLOB *pDataOut ) EOP # if all went well you have imported CryptUnprotectData() my $datain = Win32::API::Struct->new('DATA_BLOB'); $datain->{'cbData'} = pack('LL', length($encryptedData)+1; $datain->{'pbData'} = unpack('L!', pack('P', $encryptedData)); my $dataout = Win32::API::Struct->new('DATA_BLOB'); # call the imported func my $result = CryptUnprotectData($datain, pack('L', 0), 0, pack('L', 0) +, pack('L4', 16, 0, 0, unpack('L!', pack('P', 0))), 0, $dataout); my $len = $dataout->{'cbData'}; my $dat = unpack('P'.$len, pack('L!', $dataout->{'pbData'})); print "result ($len bytes) : '$dat'\n";

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Re^4: Access and decrypt Chrome cookies on Windows
by Discipulus (Abbot) on Dec 01, 2022 at 06:49 UTC
    Hello again bliako,

    thanks for your effort sailing into perilous seas of Win32. I must admit I understand very little of what you are doing. More or less I suppose you are using Win32::API::Struct->typedef to cerate a new type of win32 struct, then you import the OS call via Win32::API->Import using the brand new struct for incoming data in the funciotn, right?

    If I put your code in the right place this should be the result:

    But.. I get

    Decrypting cookies... Unknown Win32::API::Struct 'DATA_BLOB' at line +65. Unknown Win32::API::Struct 'DATA_BLOB' at line +68. Undefined subroutine &main::CryptUnprotectData called at chrome-cookie line 70.

    I've read the documentation, but sincerely it looks like pittograms to me :) Thank you a lot anyway bliako!


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