It is hard for me to talk about Perl again after all that has happend with the WTC and other events. But lately I (and maybe some other monks here,) have been having some Perl "writer's block" trying to think up cool, or useful Perl scripts.

What if there was a section of some such that people could put up ideas that they would like to see done in Perl for a script, but perhaps they don't have enough time to do it themselves.

This way, young and old Perl programmers alike could get some great ideas from a melting pot of ideas in a section like this. Or perhaps this discussion section could simply be used for this purpose, (but I would rather try to get a new section for this purpose ...)

Anyways, I would think this would help and encourage creative growth especially for newer programmers that (like me,) have recently learned how to use Perl to program *well*, and simply need some incentive for using it.

Andy Summers