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Re^7: Image-Magick on Strawberry Perl

by syphilis (Bishop)
on Nov 04, 2015 at 23:43 UTC ( #1146955=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re^6: Image-Magick on Strawberry Perl
in thread Image-Magick on Strawberry Perl

This is perl 5, version 22, subversion 0 (v5.22.0) built for MSWin32-x64-multi-thread

ppm install

That should work fine with the above version of Strawberry Perl (and perhaps ActivePerl, too).
It requires that you have the 8-bit pixel (quantum depth = 8) build of ImageMagick installed and in your path.

It would help me considerably if you let me know of any problems you have with that ppm.

By the end of today I hope to accommodate QD=16 builds as well - and for other configurations of perl-5.22.x as well.
Hopefully, they will ship with their own ImageMagick, and not require the user to install ImageMagick on his machine, but I need to investigate the feasibility of that first.


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Re^8: Image-Magick on Strawberry Perl
by syphilis (Bishop) on Nov 05, 2015 at 05:59 UTC
    Hmmm ... disappointingly, it seems that these dll builds of ImageMagick make use of the Windows registry to locate the coder dlls.
    That quickly kills any enthusiasm I might have had for creating ppm packages. (Just makes me want to vomit, actually.)

    I see that Jean-Louis' Bribes repo provides builds (perl-5.16.x and earlier only) that don't rely on the registry. He has simply placed the coder dlls in the blib/auto/Image/Magick folder - which apparently works for him ... but doesn't work for me.
    Does anyone know how he gets that to work ?

    Update: Just for the record, building Image::Magick for Strawberry Perl seems to be not too difficult.
    Having downloaded and installed into C:\_64\im (making sure to tick the box that would install headers and libraries) I cd'd to \_64\im\ImageMagick-6.9.2-Q\lib and ran:
    gendef ../CORE_RL_magick_.dll * [../CORE_RL_magick_.dll] Found PE+ ima +ge gendef ../CORE_RL_magick++_.dll * [../CORE_RL_magick++_.dll] Found PE+ + image gendef ../CORE_RL_wand_.dll * [../CORE_RL_wand_.dll] Found PE+ image dlltool --kill-at --input-def CORE_RL_magick_.def --output-lib libCORE +_RL_magick_.a dlltool --kill-at --input-def CORE_RL_magick++_.def --output-lib libCO +RE_RL_magick++_.a dlltool --kill-at --input-def CORE_RL_wand_.def --output-lib libCORE_R +L_wand_.a dlltool --kill-at --input-def CORE_RL_magick_.def --output-lib libMagi +ckCore.a
    It's quite likely that only the first and last of those 7 commands actually needed to be run.
    Following that, I ran:
    set PATH=%PATH%;C:\_64\im\ImageMagick-6.9.2-Q8 set CPATH=C:\_64\im\ImageMagick-6.9.2-Q8\include;%CPATH% set LIBRARY_PATH=C:\_64\im\ImageMagick-6.9.2-Q8\lib;%LIBRARY_PATH%
    Then cd to the top level folder of the PerlMagick-6.98 source and run 'perl Makefile.PL', 'dmake test' and 'dmake install'.
    The only test that failed was t/wmf/read.t.

      Does anyone know how he gets that to work ?

      Continuing the soliloquy ... I don't know how Jean-Louis got it to work, but setting $ENV{MAGICK_CODER_MODULE_PATH} to the directory that contains the coders enables them to be loaded when the registry key either doesn't exist or specifies a wrong location.
      This re-opens the possibility that standalone Image::Magick ppm packages can be provided !!

      (Earlier today I googled up a post that asserted that MAGICK_CODER_MODULE_PATH is ignored on Windows. Thankfully that claim turns out to be bullshit - at least in relation to the ImageMagick binaries that I've downloaded.)

        This re-opens the possibility that standalone Image::Magick ppm packages can be provided !!

        For Image-Magick-6.89, using 8-bit rgb values (quantum depth = 8):
        ppm install --force

        For Image-Magick-6.89, using 16-bit rgb values (quantum depth = 16):
        ppm install --force

        They expect to use the ImageMagick-6.9.2 that ships with them (and which is installed seamlessly).
        YMMV if attempts are made to use them with another ImageMagick installation.

        They both install a module named Image::Magick - which makes it tricky to have both types installed in the same build of perl.

        None of this is explained on the repo website (yet) beyond that provided in the post-install scripts and


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