in reply to Are these Perl Textbooks Good?

I also prefer books over the internet (I have thousands of them at home), although I find myself going to the internet more frequently for quick answers. The books you mentioned are all excellent. I have them all and have learned much from them. I prefer the O'Reilly books, but I also have about 10 other Perl books from other publishers. One that you did not list that I consider a must is "Programming Perl" (the Camel book) co-authored by Larry Wall himself. It is a harder read, but is a super reference on all things Perl. As you get more adept at Perl, there are a few other good books, like "Higher-Order Perl."

I don't think that using an edition or two too old will hurt. I do not have the latest editions of the books, but then again, here at work, I don't have the latest versions of Perl either.