in reply to OT: Got fired this week

You'll stay here, immediately!

But it isn't so easy. I spent the last 20 years with this stuff.

And that's why. Being fired is a heavy blow, but that's no reason to think you and your experience are useless. That's what they think, not us, and neither should you. It's them that fired you, not us.

Many esteemed Monks have left, for whatsoever reason. And each one is a sore loss. Think zentara, our perlTk guru. He's around occasionally, great. I miss Zaxo, diotalevi, tachyon and so on, blazar died, well, he won't come back for all what I know, neither does almut. Imagine what this site would be without experienced programmers.

Do some regression tests with yourself, as with any seasoned software.
Regressions advance with age. ;-)

And share your memory whilst you have it.

(I'm close behind you btw, aged 55, and also prone to be spit out - just a gut feeling.)

perl -le'print map{pack c,($-++?1:13)+ord}split//,ESEL'