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I've looked through the Super Search for examples of receiving attachments with MIME::Parser. I've been through the docs for Parser, MIME::Parser::Filer, and Parser::Head and for the life of me I cannot get the recomended filename for an attached file.

Anyone know what is causing the script to fail to find the suggested filename?

These are the errors I get with the various methods:
Method 1:
Can't call method "path" on an undefined value at ./ line 59.
Method 2 & 3:
Use of uninitialized value in concatenation (.) or string at ./ line 67

I have the three methods I've seen and tried below.

much thanks in advance.

#!/usr/bin/perl -w use Mail::POP3Client; use MIME::Parser; use MIME::Head; use strict; my $pop=new Mail::POP3Client( USER=>"xxxx", PASSWORD=>"xxxx", HOST=>""); my $msgcount=$pop->Count(); my $msgnum; for $msgnum (1 .. $msgcount){ print "message number: $msgnum\n"; # get headers my $header=$pop->Head($msgnum); # get body my $body=$pop->Body($msgnum); # get whole message my $message=$pop->HeadAndBody($msgnum); my $parser=new MIME::Parser; # disable output to file/dir $parser->output_to_core(1); my $entity = $parser->parse_data($message); # get the number of parts of the message (if multipart) my $num_parts = $entity->parts; my @parts = $entity->parts; my $bodydata; if ($num_parts > 0) { # more than one part, mime-ahoy? my $part; for $part(@parts){ # get mime type my $type=$part->mime_type; my $bhandle=$part->bodyhandle; # special treatment for text and html if (($type =~ /text/i) || ($type=~ /html/i)){ if (my $io = $part->open("r")) { while (defined($_ = $io->getline)) { $bodydata .= $_; } $io->close; } print $bodydata,"\n"; } else { # must be an attachment of sorts or # at least not text/html my $content .= $bhandle->as_string if defined $bhandle; # method 1 # my $file_name = $entity->head->recommended_filename || # $entity->bodyhandle->path; # method 2 #my $mimehead=MIME::Head->new; #my $file_name=$mimehead->recommended_filename; # method 3 #my $file_name = $bhandle->{MB_Path}; print "path: $file_name\n"; # dump attachment to outfile # (works when name is specified) open(OUT,"> /path/to/attachments/$file_name"); # is this needed? local $/ = undef; print OUT $content,"\n"; close(OUT); } } } else { # plaintext or html! if (my $io = $entity->open("r")) { while (defined($_ = $io->getline)) { $bodydata .= $_; } $io->close; } print $bodydata,"\n"; } $entity->purge; } exit;