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“Thanos, you are Preaching To The Choir.”

Take it from a long-time participant who on any typical day finds his XP rating much more likely to go backwards than forwards:   “Anonymous Monk” has for years been the Holy Refuge of Monks who did not wish to risk Un-Holy Down-Votes as they sought to Vent Their Spleens.

Therefore, I simply suggest that you should always remain focused upon ... “and, only upon” ...

The Gentle Reader®

Uh huh ... “the next Poor <Jane|Joe> with a Perl Question.”   Just stay focused on That Customer, and let all the rest of the bygones be bygones.   Write the very best responses that you can, if you have one, to any question that is asked, and strive to let the entire “(irrelevant, but inevitable ...) politics” pass over the feathers of your duck’s-back.

The sometimes very-strange internal politics of PerlMonks are “precisely the way that they are” ... and, in my humble experience, are also “more or less as they always have been.”

Nevertheless(!) ... (IMHO) this sometimes-crazy web site is, and somehow continues(!) to be:

t-h-e Best-On-The-Web™ source of definitive answers about The Perl Language.
And that, at least to me, is really the entire point.

Frankly, to my way of thinking, “the entire ‘politics’ of such a situation” ... are ... ... ... irrelevant.   Therefore, quite undeserving of our attention.   Politics do not assist in the answering of questions.   Let us merely continue to answer questions.   As very best we can.

And, let us fully acknowledge that we are in the company of Other Experts (really!) whose Expert Opinions (really!!!) are every bit as stuck in the mud anchored as ours (really!!! !!! !!!) are.   Let us all therefore freely acknowledge that This Is The Proper Way Of Things.   Let us therefore strive to give our Gentle Reader, yes, “The Full Monty.”