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Re^3: Rosetta Dispatch Table

by sundialsvc4 (Abbot)
on Nov 29, 2017 at 00:32 UTC ( #1204489=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re^2: Rosetta Dispatch Table
in thread Rosetta Dispatch Table

In general, “Mom,” I think that we are today still behaving as though the technical skills that we are looking for in filling any(!) such position regardless(!!) of language or tool are still “esoteric, and hard to come by.”   This is no longer the case, and I feel that we should grudgingly ascribe some of our “hiring fails” at least partially to this cause.

But also:   have we seriously forgotten the job that we somehow successfully landed, which was based on some technology or language that we had never even heard of before we walked in that door?   We self-congratulated ourselves that we were “bluffing,” but were we?   Maybe the hiring manager was actually looking for resourcefulness, knowing (far more than we did, at the time ...) that we would have to “make it up as we went along” on the job, anyway?

I very-candidly admit that I bluffed my way into my first Perl-centric engagement in just this way, full-well knowing that I could manage the peculiarities of <<this_language>> precisely as I had already done so many times in the past.   And as I, of course, subsequently did.

But my specific(!) never-planned-for career history has nonetheless served me quite well, because it repeatedly put me in very-close contact with business stakeholders, in the context of ever-changing technical situations that I was thereafter obliged to immediately assimilate, “somehow, always, four paws down.”   I found that technical prowess ... in this-or-that tool de jour ... is not the decision-factor that should qualify or disqualify a candidate.   The actual deal-breaker characteristics are purely human, purely social ones ... and, very hard to come by.

I refuse to “sugar coat” the situation.   As one well-known public official quipped, “I inherited a mess.”   Are you both “able” and “willing” to dive into this messy and thoroughly-ambiguous situation with me ... with the team that I am now striving to assemble ... and thence to stick it out until our team has delivered our (internal or external) customer from the snapping jaws of his problem?   Are you both “technically good enough” and “socially professional enough” to own this customer’s problem, and thus to enable our team to solve it as no one else before us ever did?

Uh huh.   Interesting interviews.   But, a tremendously rewarding (albeit, “hang on to your hat!”) career.

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