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G'day perlboy_emeritus,

I encountered the same issue recently where the shebang I'd been using for years on macOS (and Mac OS X previously) failed unexpectedly on Linux.

See my post (from about 3 weeks ago): "shebang problem on openSUSE". There's excellent responses and external links which should explain all.

— Ken

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Re^2: shebang anomaly
by perlboy_emeritus (Sexton) on Apr 20, 2018 at 16:23 UTC

    G'day yourself Ken,

    I stole a fantastic Aussie plum when I married in Sydney one of your country-persons. That cmd code that choroba cited is a simple Perl script. I downloaded it to macOS and tested. It works as advertised, except it is not a native env. If you want to print the environment you must say:

    cmd env

    Mine will emulate env and replace GNU env, because I run multiple Perl's in multiple locations in the file system, and the scripts must not be aware of this. Next I'll try it in debian, but looking at the code, I can't imagine it not working. I may still implement it in C, just for grins. It should work for you too. Best...