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Re: Name Space

by mr_mischief (Monsignor)
on Oct 26, 2001 at 19:41 UTC ( #121651=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Name Space

I'm quite certain everyone understands the _meaning_ of the moniker 'mr_mischief'.

I was once a DOS user (locally, of course), and a VMS and *nix user remotely. This started in earnest when I was sixteen. My friends and I ran old-school dial-up BBSes on DOS and one guy did it on SCO with his own custom BBS code.

We were also lucky enough to have stumbled across the Net in 1992 via tax-supported toll-free number for rural net access for Missouri residents. We dialed dumbterm into a Vax with lynx as a shell, and from there everything was a URL away, whether it was web, gopher, WAIS, archie, or telnet. We decided we needed a *nix shell, so we bought remote shell access for $10 a month, and it had FTP and zmodem. So, we'd dial into the free number, telnet to the shell, FTP stuff to there, and use zmodem through the telnet session and the dumbterm session to our own systems. Quite a thrill at 2400 and later 9600 bps.

We did lots of crazy things, like trying many types of drugs, many types of computer and non-computer games, and lots of grey area computer usage. I was a bit of a hothead and a brawler in my teen years, and my friends noticed I liked to do things like put Scorched Earth on the highschool network, put Stunts on the programming class computers, show the teachers why they shouldn't store their test questions on the school's inadequately secured network, and create save-game cheats for computer games. I even broke the password protection scheme of a popular set of PC maintenance tools, Norton Utilities 6.0, but that was more due to the poor design thereof than any great skill on my part.

Around the time my friends and I were dsicovering the possibilities of the BSDs, Minix, and this new thing called Linux (yes, we were some of the ones who looked forward to version 1.0.0), I was teaching people in the computer user's group my friends and I founded how to do some things which alarmed their teachers, parents, spouses, and others but which weren't really that big a deal. Around that time, my friends were all taking on lofty nicknames like Lord Stryfe, Lord Viper, etc. They'd all been calling me Lord Pyro, because my most notable MUD character was Pyro X and my BBS was called Pyro's Funhouse, with all the requisite red, orange, and yellow ANSI graphics schemes. They decided, though, that I was best known for having a mischievous streak to my personality, and dubbed my Lord Mischief. Not feeling particularly noble nor pretentious one day, I logged into a BBS as Mr Mischief, where I became fairly well known in the world of Citadel variant telnet-able BBSes (I was also 'God of the Night' on a few BBSes, which is not an evil name but one of duality, balance and such, but that name got me a rather strange group of friends and ...ummm, followers). I'm still Mr Mischief on a couple of those, I'm mrm on some systems, mischief is my work login and email username as well as my login and username many other places, and I'm mr_mischief1 or mrmischief more places than I care to count. Most of my friends from the original group have now followed my example by either dropping the title altogether, or softening it to 'Mr.' instead of 'Lord'.

I originally tried to come here as mischief (and Slashdot, too), and when I found the name alreayd in use wonderd if I'd already logge din and forgotten, so good monk mischief and I got to know one another quickly when i apologized to him for emailing him his passwords. I created a new user, and here we are today.

Sorry for being so long-winded, but it's the best way I have to explain clearly how I got the name.


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