vote on When I need money for a bigger acquisition, I usually ...

Start selling my possessions on Ebay
[bar] 13/8%
sell parts of myself
[bar] 9/6%
Try selling my relatives
[bar] 24/15%
Lobby my boss for a pay-rise
[bar] 8/5%
Use my black credit card
[bar] 5/3%
Code the next killer app (in Perl, of course)
[bar] 16/10%
Code some killing app (using some evil programming language, of course)
[bar] 9/6%
Create my own crypto currency
[bar] 8/5%
Start a Ponzi scheme
[bar] 13/8%
Get a loan from my bank
[bar] 12/8%
Get the money directly from the bank
[bar] 7/4%
print the required money myself
[bar] 13/8%
Do something else (please specify)
[bar] 22/14%
159 total votes

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