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One program should be one file, unless the "parts" are truly going to be reused by other programs (which they usually are not)

I hope you're not recommending 14,000 lines of main program in a single file! On the contrary, I recommend keeping the main program file short, with most of the work done in (highly cohesive, loosely coupled) modules -- with documentation and a test suite around each module.

You can find many examples of this approach on the CPAN. For example, in Perl::Tidy and Perl::Critic, the perltidy and perlcritic main programs are not much more than one-liners, essentially just:

use Perl::Tidy; Perl::Tidy::perltidy();
use Perl::Critic::Command qw< run >; run();
with all the work being done in (well-documented) modules with test suites around each module.