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Re^3: How to write testable command line script?

by davido (Cardinal)
on Nov 24, 2018 at 16:47 UTC ( #1226261=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re^2: How to write testable command line script?
in thread How to write testable command line script?

Each subroutine should be tested individually. Consider this contrived and silly example:

use List::Util qw(sum); use Scalar::Util qw(looks_like_number); use Test::More; ok looks_like_number(1), 'Found a number.'; ok !looks_like_number('a'), 'Rejected a non-number.'; is_deeply [map {$_ + 1} (1,2,3,4)], [2,3,4,5], 'Correct mapping.'; is_deeply [grep {looks_like_number($_)} qw(a 1 b 2 c 3 d 4)], [1,2,3,4 +], 'Correct filter.'; cmp_ok sum(1,2,3,4), '==', 10, 'Sum was correct.'; cmp_ok sum_of_incremented_nums(qw(1 a 2 b c 3 d 4)), '==', 10, 'summed + dirty list properly.'; # Integration: sub sum_of_incremented_nums { return sum(map{$_+1} grep {looks_like_number($_)} @_); }

Here we've tested (minimally) all the components individually, and then tested the thing that uses the components.

How to deploy? A really simple way is to use the features of ExtUtils::MakeMaker. It can place your modules where modules live, and your executables where they're supposed to live on a given system. And the user is able to specify alternate locations based on environment settings and on how Perl was compiled and where it lives. You'll have a Makefile.PL that generates a makefile customized for your specific needs. The makefile will create the proper make directives, and you'll have 90% of what goes into a CPAN distribution when you're done. Consider any module on CPAN that bundles an executable script as part of the distribution as prior art. I haven't looked recently, but Carton, App::cpanoutdated, App::cpanminus, Devel::NYTProf, Perl::Critic, and Perl::Tidy are all examples of CPAN modules that bundle executables.

That said, you might also consider a minimal packaging system like Carton. Or combine that with something like Docker where you have more control over the isolated environment.

As for a structure, I typically do something like this:

./projectdir \ \ - projectdir/lib/ - projectdir/bin/ - projectdir/t/ - projectdir/xt/ - projectdir/README

In your executable (projectdir/bin/foo) you might do something like this:

#!/usr/bin/env perl use strict; use warnings; use FindBin qw($Bin); use lib "$Bin/../lib"; use MyModule; ...

This works in situations where you aren't deploying the module to a location known to PERL5LIB and not known to some tool such as Carton.


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Re^4: How to write testable command line script?
by thechartist (Scribe) on Nov 24, 2018 at 18:47 UTC

    Thanks for revisiting this. I have seen a number of good solutions here, and have a better understanding of the testing tools.

    My current goal is to clean up the initial script so that the test code actually runs. I've done some work on this in the morning, and I see that my tests are using numeric equality improperly.

    I will be looking at some of the subs in Test::More first, then I will explore some of the ideas presented in the re-writes of my code. Once it is cleaned up, it might make for a good tutorial series to introduce newcomers the concept of testing right at the beginning of their studies.

      ... introduce newcomers [to] the concept of testing right at the beginning of their studies.

      I can't restrain myself from wholeheartedly endorsing this thought. More than once have I been given the task of making a simple mod to an application that had no adequate testing framework associated with it. The "simple" mod soon turned into a nightmare from which there was no waking. ("The horror... The horror...") Introducing novices to these design techniques is a wonderful gift.

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