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Re^3: Camel vs. Gopher

by morgon (Priest)
on Dec 12, 2018 at 21:56 UTC ( #1227172=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re^2: Camel vs. Gopher
in thread Camel vs. Gopher

Sure :-)

In this particular case where you don't even think about doing part of the work in concurrently a perl solution maybe can be optimized to even beat Go.

But I can see that you're not being too serious...

For me Go is the new Perl - a language with a rich ecosystem, that is fun to use and that makes things easy that where very difficult before...

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Re^4: Camel vs. Gopher
by Your Mother (Bishop) on Dec 12, 2018 at 23:22 UTC

    …I am having fun but I'm being a bit serious. The Perl (plus inline C but that's there because it's easy in Perl) is TEN times faster. It leaves Go in the dust and, to me, it's easier to read. Go reads more like the new Java than the new Perl; which I might call Scala but I still like Perl better.

      Go has a way to call C as well.

      So if you bring in Inline::C for perl I bring in the unsafe-package for Go and we end up comparing C with C which is silly.

      This is a very artificial test-case and has really nothing to do with real applications.

      I would assume Go to beat Perl in performance in every real-world scenario but again - that's just the bonus.

      goroutines and channels are the killer-features for me.

      Give it a try - you'll like it.

        Give it a try - you'll like it.

        …Maybe. But I am skeptical of everything Google does. I’m finding AngularJS a very hard pill to swallow, for example, though I'm fighting to get into it because it seems a good career move. A toxic position, really. Doing something you dislike for money. I wrote a micro-wiki platform to replace my personal Kwiki stuff two weekends ago in Catalyst and a possible Catalyst replacement in pure Plack:: the next week because as much as I like Cat, it has a lot of things that bother me. I'd much rather be doing that and even Mojo and Dancer2 or Amon2 for that matter than Angular or Go. If I have to do something else, it'll be modern ECMAScript.

        I more or less hate or at best tolerate most programming languages besides Perl; I only enjoy JS because of the DOM and its general Perlicity. I was trained early on CS and fell away from it for 15 years or so because it was so unappealing to me. Perl is the only reason I came back; the only reason I'm a professional programmer.

        I'd love to see Go calling C inline like the Perl and in 27 lines of self-compiling code. :P Also, PDL is a well known, "real world," Perl module for number problems and it's twice as fast as Go here. I would have reached for it myself if the 90 seconds of code I wrote at first didn't satisfy a performance issue in an app.

        Perl is knocked overly often and often by putative fans who play apologist… "Shucks, Perl is fine except it sucks." Perl is frequently not just a terrific choice, but the best choice; dev time, speed, reliability, etc. It's time we spoke more plainly about that. If Perl had the reputation it deserves instead of the reputation its competitors have heaped on it, I probably wouldn't be worried about needing to learn Angular right now. :P

        I would assume Go to beat Perl in performance in every real-world scenario

        That statement is worth keeping ;-)

        " I would assume Go to beat Perl in performance in every real-world scenario but again - that's just the bonus."

        What's your point? Selling Go? Sounds like a Go-ogle-gone fad like a few other languages.

        "goroutines and channels are the killer-features for me".

        As a retired street (ie. graffiti) artist, seems silly to jump on a bandwagon (freight train) to find you'll eventually end up in the trash.

        Google messaging as my point. Dropped with no notification.

        "goroutines and channels are the killer-features for me"

        Well-defined and very protected backwards-compatible features is killer for me.

        Go is compiled/statistically typed language. it'll definitely be faster in most cases than dynamically typed language (where perl/python will have to perform some type checking at run-time) Perl will definitely be more flexible. e.g in Perl, you could use a module (like Moose) to have declarative-feel OO while in Go, you got half-baked OO and lack of generic (despite being static type language). Goroutine doesn't auto-magically make concurrency safe/nor avoid races or dead-lock. In my opinion, golang is oversold.

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